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When you sign up for the Long-Term Credit Building program, you’ll be granted access to the MYM Insider Webinar Vault—an online portal containing 122 webinars of exclusive marketing and business training from Monopolize Your Marketplace.

MYM Insider members typically pay $400/month for access to the Webinar Vault. But Long-Term Credit Builder clients are granted access to the Vault for only $19.99/month!*

Here are the some of the categories contained in the Webinar Vault…

Strategic Marketing

Discover how to craft marketing messages that generate excitement with prospects and ignite sales. This series contains 19 webinars and includes topics such as The Psychology Of Marketing (two parts), Headline Starters, The Educational Spectrum, 100 Power Statements, Sales According To MYM, Your Most Important Number, Communicating With Power And Passion, and more.

Tactical Marketing

Once you have your strategic message, you have to execute it. This 15-webinar series includes topics such as Design For Non-Designers (two parts), B2B Marketing Strategies, Marketing To Past Customers, Radio Strategies, Your Allowable Marketing Cost, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Blogging, and Social Media.


Let’s face it—you won’t make many sales by doing the same boring stuff everyone else is doing. The Innovation series includes 21 webinars that cover How To Be Creative, Innovating Service Businesses, “Pimp My Ride” (turning the mundane into the extraordinary), Innovating Auto Sales, Walt Disney, The Power Of Habit, Publicity Stunts, and more.

Tuesday Morning Ad Clinic

In this 41-webinar series, MYM Insiders submit their real-life ads for critique, review, and constructive criticism. Watch as MYM Founder Rich Harshaw tackles three to five ads per webinar, turning them from “duds” to “studs” right before your eyes.

Insider’s Open Forum

In this 17-webinar series, MYM Founder Rich Harshaw fields questions from MYM Insiders who call in. No marketing topic is off-limits. You’ll discover answers to burning questions EVERY business owner has, including what media to buy, where to spend your marketing budget, how to bolster your business’s reputation, rebranding your website, creating effective direct-mail campaigns… and much more.

Contractor Business Accelerator

Put your business on the fast-track to success with this six-part webinar series. You’ll discover how to make financing ultra-profitable, create a powerful identity for your company, improve your customer service strategies, and lower price resistance in potential buyers.

Business Builder Book Review

MYM Founder Rich Harshaw takes a deep dive into some of the most popular marketing books to extract the best bits of wisdom. Book reviews include Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins, Contagious by Jonah Berger, The Plain English Approach To Business Writing by Edward Bailey, Driven: An Autobiography by Larry H. Miller, The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber, and Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

Personal Edge

This webinar series will help you develop not just your business, but YOU. After you experience these webinars, you’ll have the tools and strategies to improve both your work and home life. Topics include Opportunity Knocks, Gratitude, The Enemy Within, It’s About Time, “Halftime” (how to find your “definite chief aim” in life after age 40).

All This… And Then Some.

Other webinar series included in the Webinar Vault include MYM Senior Consultant Calls (11 webinars), Identity Kickoff Calls (2 webinars), and more.

*Webinar Vault access is unlocked after your 4 initial $59.99/month payments for MYM’s Flagship Marketing Advice Program.

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