Building Business Credit
Is Crucial for the Long-Term
Health of Your Company...

And We've Made it Super-Simple & Ridiculously Affordable.

Let's face it. A large percentage of contractor businesses fail. And they often do it within 3 years or less. Why does this happen?

Of course, there's multiple reasons, but the 2 biggest are an inability to attract new customers and cash flow issues.

Attracting new customers is another word for marketing. Monopolize Your Marketplace gives you the best, most proven marketing training with the Flagship Marketing Advice Program (plus bonuses) when you become an MYM Business Credit Builder client. The Flagship Marketing Advice Program is an audio download containing 11 hours of our best marketing advice and strategies.

The information in this marketing training can literally make the difference between your business as a growing, thriving enterprise that rakes in huge profits, and a struggling business always teetering on the edge of closing its doors. You can read more details about this marketing training below.

But there's another crucial pillar of long-term business health besides marketing: solid financial grounding. A big key to stable financials—and one that is often overlooked by new business owners—is building business credit. Business credit can help get you the financing you'll need to grow smart and to have the cash flow to operate smoothly. It can also help you to get better terms on your credit.

Oh, and by the way, don't forget that establishing business credit means not having to risk your personal credit.

Now, no one can wave a magic wand and instantly give you awesome business credit.

But establishing a track record of credit is also not as hard as you might think. It just takes some time and regular reporting.

And that's exactly what we'll do for you—report EVERY payment.

When you purchase the MYM Business Credit Builder Program for 4 payments of $59.99, we report to, who partners with over 20 reputable credit bureaus. You'll quickly and affordably build your business credit.*

Or, to really super-charge your credit building, you can choose an additional 24 payments of $19.99 (after the first 4 payments). This option includes all the marketing training and bonuses, PLUS access to the MYM Insider Webinar Vault. The Webinar Vault contains 122 handpicked MYM marketing webinars covering topics such as innovation, strategy, ad reviews, book reviews, and tactical strategies.

*Note: There is an initial $4.95 sign-up fee billed immediately. Your monthly payments start 30 days from purchase of the program.

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Read More About The Program

Dear Marketer,

I’ll be honest with you. You're not going to find another book, audio program, training class, or anything else that comes even close to teaching you what you’re about to learn from Monopolize Your Marketplace. I’ve read all the books—from "22 laws of branding" to "purple cows" and everything else—and none of them teach you what you really want and need to learn. Here’s why: They're all either geared to huge companies (with massive budgets) or they are supposed to be cute and funny and clever. Or both.

Who has time for clever? You want marketing advice that freaking works. Now. You need advice that makes sense, is immediately actionable, and is applicable to your real-life company. With over 16 years of real-world results in over 40,000 companies in literally every industry imaginable, Monopolize Your Marketplace delivers the good. And then some.

I’m not going to bore you with a long-winded explanation of what Monopolize Your Marketplace is and why it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Just know that this audio program is easy to listen to (some even say “fun” to listen to), it appeals to your common sense, and it only offers practical, hands-on, actionable advice. While listening, you’ll say to yourself “THAT makes sense” and "why didn't I think of that" at least 117 times.

Realistically, you just need to consider just 3 things:

  1. You're here because you're looking for marketing advice. Obviously, you either need solutions, or you're at least looking for ways to improve what you're already doing. Ask yourself this: where, realistically, are you going to find good, solid marketing advice? I've looked everywhere and I can tell you this?there really isn't a good source. Please consider the possibility that Monopolize Your Marketplace (this program) might just be what you're looking for (it is).
  2. To get an idea of what you're going to learn when you buy, simply read the list below. If it doesn't sound interesting, then by all means, don't buy the program. If it does sound intriguing, then why wouldn't you buy this program?
  3. To overcome any kind of price resistance, I offer an unheard of 150% money-back guarantee. It's simple: if you buy this program, listen to it, and feel like it delivers on its promise of being THE definitive work on marketing, then it will be the best couple hundred bucks you've spent this year. If you end up hating it (or think it's the same old crap, or think it's a bunch of hype, or whatever), then I understand that you spent your valuable time, and I'm willing to compensate you for that. My only request is that you actually LISTEN to the program. If you are just trying to make a quick hundred bucks by ordering and returning it, then you suck. Just listen to the program... if you don't agree that it's great, I'll give you 150% of your money back. For real.

Enough talk. Let's move on to what you'll learn, in order, on the audio program:

  • Why everything you’ve ever learned about marketing is wrong—literally.
  • How to really get inside your prospects’ heads and “see the world through their eyes.”
  • How to get prospects to say “I’d have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you, regardelss of price."
  • The two sides of your business—and why you’re almost certainly focusing on the wrong one.
  • The one thing all customers are really seeking—and why they can’t find it from you (yet).
  • The three purposes of marketing… and why most marketing delivers on only one or none of them.
  • How television has ruined your marketing brain without your even realizing it.
  • Why the big agency formula is called C.R.A.P., and why there’s a 0.0% chance it will work for you.
  • What “menu board” advertisements are, and why they are probably killing your marketing results.
  • What the “Platitude Trap” is, and why you keep falling into it.
  • Three 10-second tests that will prove that your current marketing is massively underleveraged.
  • Why getting people’s attention has gotten 50 times harder in the last 25 years.
  • A “good ad challenge” that you’re 100% guaranteed to fail, no matter what.
  • The Marketing Equation: A sure-fire formula that lets you BUST through the clutter of competing service providers and stand out in a crowd.
  • How to create mailers that LEAP out of the mailbox, magazine ads that GRAB prospects around the neck, and newspaper ads that FORCE people to pay attention.
  • Why the psychology of how people process information and make decisions is far more important that understanding “marketing” techniques.
  • How your inability to remember names at parties and your lack of marketing success are related.
  • Three “activators” that will interrupt your prospects under any circumstance, even from a dead sleep.
  • Why celebrity endorsements work so well—and it has almost nothing to do with credibility.
  • How to craft advertisements that shortcut past the eyes and ears and go straight to the brain.
  • How to reap massive profits from your prospects’ discomfort, pain, and frustration.
  • The quickest and easiest way to write a stink-bomb ad that your spouse will love but customers will hate.
  • Why advertising is an “all or nothing” game—and how to ensure you don’t get stuck with “nothing.”
  • How to trigger a “reflex reaction” without using talking babies, naked ladies, or charging wildebeests.
  • How to come up with great ideas for marketing without having a creative bone in your body.
  • How marketing is like a court case, and what you can learn from OJ Simpson (no, really!).
  • How to instantly double, triple, or quadruple the response of any ad by making one easy, 10-second tweak.
  • Why happy, smiling people are just about the last thing you’d ever want to include in an advertisement.
  • Why your current ads only reach 2% to 5% of the people who are interested in buying what you sell.
  • Dozens of examples of “good” vs. “bad” marketing from dozens of industries.
  • 7 basic marketing questions that will put you on the path to marketing greatness.
  • How a moving company increased their ad response from 70 calls a month to 955.
  • Why “educational marketing” makes sense for over 95% of all businesses—including yours.
  • Why marketing campaigns that rely strictly on emotional appeals rarely succeed long term.
  • The principles a Lasik surgeon in Hawaii used to increase his radio call volume by 25 times—even though he was thoroughly convinced it wouldn’t work.
  • Five questions that will allow you to pinpoint exactly what your customers want… and inject that into your marketing.
  • What pressure-treated posts on a wooden fence can teach you about your marketing.
  • The lazy marketing blunder that causes you to lose credibility—and customers—in droves.
  • How building a successful marketing campaign is like building a bike for your kid on Christmas morning.
  • What you as a marketer have in common with television drama homicide detectives.
  • Three fool-proof methods for writing killer headlines that command attention and inspire action.
  • How to be inflammatory to get attention without coming off like an obnoxious jerk.
  • 12 ways to go quickly go from “blank page” frustration to fully loaded and ready for battle.
  • The 100 greatest headlines of all time… ready for you to STEAL and implement immediately.
  • The most important letter you will ever write—even if you never actually send it to anyone.
  • How to quickly and easily create content for websites, advertisements, direct mail, and brochures.
  • Why you shouldn’t ever spend more than 10 minutes writing the body copy of your advertisements.
  • How learning the fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese is guaranteed to improve your marketing writing ability.
  • Six writing techniques to avoid at all costs, and seven you must use every time you sit down to write.
  • How to know ahead of time whether the marketing piece you’ve written will work or not.
  • Specific strategies for writing marketing for any industry in any situation.
  • How using Cliff’s Notes and reading Consumer Reports can double your marketing effectiveness.
  • The difference between a “phantom position” and a “defendable position” and how to know which to use.
  • What you can learn about marketing by ordering a soft drink from McDonalds.
  • How to achieve the branding impact of Coca-Cola or Apple on 1/10,000th of their budget.
  • A foolproof formula for determining which media to use—and which ones to avoid.
  • When you should ignore conventional wisdom and trust your own marketing hunches.
  • How to know with 99% certainty if a given magazine or newspaper (etc.) will work—before you invest a penny.
  • Four questions to ask advertising salespeople that will help you sniff out the skunks and avoid getting ripped off.
  • How to use the most important marketing tool of all—your calculator.
  • Why focus groups are a waste of time and money, and how to really know what the market will buy.
  • How to create tireless salespeople that never complain, never say the wrong thing, and always exude the same passion that you do.
  • How a roofing company reduced its 2 hour sales pitch down to just 12 minutes and doubled their closing ratio.
  • How to increase closing ratios just by answering your phone slightly different.
  • How to have prospects begging you to put them on hold when they call in.
  • 7 massive benefits you’ll reap by systematizing your marketing and sales processes.
  • The six major reasons people decide not to buy right away, and what you can do about it.
  • Why you actually hope your prospects will throw your postcard mailers in the trash.
  • How to predict a year in advance how much business you’ll generate from your marketing efforts.
  • How to identify your very best prospects and beat them over the head until they give in and buy.
  • Why you should ignore industry advice on setting marketing budgets… and how you should really determine how much to spend.
  • Three simple strategies for getting current customers to come back for more, and more, and more.
  • An easy, 3-step formula for building a massive customer database that will pay you handsomely for decades to come.
  • Why most frequency programs fail, and 2 easy tips that will make yours a smash success.
  • How to create value-added membership clubs that keep customers coming back and paying full price.
  • A simple plan for giving “spontaneous” gifts that will cement customer loyalty like super glue.
  • How to leverage millions of dollars of goodwill that other companies have spent decades creating for your own benefit.
  • How to extend your product/service offerings and make more money without investing any additional time, effort, or money.
  • A simple technique a Lexus dealership used to increase test drives by 7 times in one month.
  • How to get other businesses to eagerly sell your product to their customers while incurring almost NO marketing costs.
  • A real plan for getting referrals that actually works instead of demoralizing your sales force.
  • Comprehensive case studies that tie all the principles together.

Come on... if that isn't enough, then I honestly have no idea what you're looking for or hoping to learn. I guarantee you that this isn't "the same old crap you've seen 1,000 times, repackaged." I promise you that you won't get halfway through the audio program and wonder how on earth this stuff applies to your business. This is the real deal. It's the Holy Grail. It's exactly what you need, and exactly what you've been looking for. It's going to cost you a couple hundred bucks to put it to the test. and if you don't agree that it's "all that," then I would fully expect you to demand your 150% refund.

There's nothing left to say. Order the set.


Rich Harshaw

CEO & Founder, Monopolize Your Marketplace

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