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Work On Marketing.

A Downloadable Audio Program With Over 11 Hours Of Instruction,
94 Tracks, And A 44-Page Workbook Of Examples And Worksheets.

EVERY Relevant Topic Is Covered. All The Secrets. All The Tricks.
All The Principles. All The Examples. NOTHING Is Left Out.

Why Marketing Isn't Working
Learn the history of marketing and advertising and you'll realize that you've been conditioned your whole life to use the WRONG formula.
The Marketing Equation
The foundation of our entire Monopolize Your Marketplace System - Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer.
Implementing The Market Equation
Go through the "discovery" process to identify customer hot buttons and create your unique case.
Find out how to "build a better mousetrap" and stay ahead of the pack through competitive leadership.
Presenting Your Case
The most important part of Strategic Marketing is "How you say it." Learn how to articulate your message in a powerful, instantly impactful way.
Master Letters
This is your "Case Overview" that serves as a foundation for everything else you write...including ads, reports, scripts, etc.
Creating Advertising
Learn how to create ads that work from a headline, layout, and content standpoint. Also, learn how to deal with advertising agencies and ad salespeople and avoid getting ripped off.
Industry Category Strategies
General strategies for 7 major industry categories are discussed including service businesses, professionals, mass retailers, and specialty well as companies that sell products to resellers and companies that sell products to end users.
Franchising Your Sales System:
Create a systematized approach to your marketing that ensures you get optimal results every single time. Turn your company into a selling machine without having to rely on superstar salespeople.
Lead Generators:
Learn how to generate 2 to 100 times more leads than you do now...and actually improve the quality of those leads.
Testing Concepts
Never make a major marketing mistake again by testing everything you do first. Let the marketplace tell you what it will respond to instead of trying to be a "guessing genius."
Marketing Tools
Use websites, reports, audios, videos, sales scripts, signage, and other marketing tools to educate prospects and build your case and Franchise Your Sales System.
Hopper Systems
Nurture your prospects along the Educational Spectrum until they become ready to buy. Do this by sending powerful, well-articulated mailers, emails, and faxes.
Knock-Down Lists
Create a list of prospects who you'd really like to get as customers, and go to work on them with a combination of marketing and relationship selling.
Perpetual Selling Strategies
Learn how to get customers to come back over and over again to give you a steady, reliable stream of sales...and increased profits.
Joint Ventures
Find out how to leverage other companies' customer lists to your advantage and how you can profit from making your customers available to them.
Upselling Strategies
Learn how to maximize each transaction with your customers by selling them more of your products or services each time they buy from you.T
Referral Systems
Get your customers to give you referrals and feel good about doing so by setting up a win/win/win situation.
Track Listing
Track 1: Everything You’ve Ever Learned Is Wrong
Track 2: What You’ll Find On This Program
Track 3: Who Do You Take Your Advice From?
Track 4: What Is Marketing Supposed To Do?
Track 5: Inside Reality & Outside Perception
Track 6: History Of Advertising
Track 7: The Era Of The Brand Builders
Track 8: Platitudes Take Over & Platitude Evaluations 1
Track 9: Platitude Evaluations 2
Track 10: Days Of Simple Selling & The Confidence Gap
Track 11: Show Me 10 Good Ads And We’ll Quit
Track 12: The Marketing Equation – Intro
Track 13: Component 1 – Interrupt
Track 14: Alpha, Beta, And Reticular Activator
Track 15: Finding The Prospect’s Hot Buttons
Track 16: Engage
Track 17: Marketing Equation Component 3 And 4 – Educate And Offer, Part 1
Track 18: Marketing Equation Component 3 And 4 – Educate And Offer, Part 2
Track 19: The Educational Spectrum
Track 20: Case Study – Moving Company, Part 1
Track 21: Case Study – Moving Company, Part 2
Track 22: Case Study – Lasik Eye Surgery
Track 23: Implementing The Marketing Equation
Track 24: Qualification Question
Track 25: Customer Values Question
Track 26: Innovation – Easy As Asking
Track 27: Innovation Case Study
Track 28: Need To Know Question
Track 29: Case Building Question
Track 30: Evidence Question
Track 31: Presenting Discovery Information As A Case
Track 32: How To Write Powerful Headlines That Interrupt & Engage
Track 33: Headline Starters
Track 34: Headline Bank
Track 35: The Master Letter
Track 36: Marketing Evaluation Worksheet, Part 1
Track 37: Marketing Evaluation Worksheet, Part 2
Track 38: Marketing Evaluation Worksheet, Part 3
Track 39: Creating An Advertisement – Ad Template
Track 40: Creating An Advertisement – Writing Effective Copy
Track 41: Industry Category Strategies, Part 1
Track 42: Industry Category Strategies, Part 2
Track 43: Industry Category Strategies, Part 3
Track 44: Industry Category Strategies, Part 4
Track 45: Industry Category Strategies, Part 5
Track 46: Tactical Implementation – Franchising Your Sales System
Track 47: Lead Generators – Defined or Non-defined Target Market
Track 48: Lead Generators – Identifying Appropriate Media & Competitive Intelligence, Part 1
Track 49: Lead Generators – Identifying Appropriate Media & Competitive Intelligence, Part 2
Track 50: Lead Generators – Dealing With Various Media
Track 51: Return On Marketing Investment
Track 52: Testing
Track 53: Marketing Tools, Part 1
Track 54: Marketing Tools, Part 2
Track 55: Marketing Tools, Part 3
Track 56: Marketing Tools, Part 4
Track 57: Hopper Systems, Part 1
Track 58: Hopper Systems, Part 2
Track 59: Hopper Systems, Part 3
Track 60: Knock Down Lists
Track 61: FSS – Tying It All Together – Your Tactical Plan, Part 1
Track 62: FSS – Tying It All Together – Your Tactical Plan, Part 2
Track 63: FSS – Tying It All Together – Your Tactical Plan, Part 3
Track 64: M/O – Perpetual Selling Strategies, Part 1
Track 65: M/O – Perpetual Selling Strategies, Part 2
Track 66: M/O – Perpetual Selling Strategies, Part 3
Track 67: M/O – Perpetual Selling Strategies, Part 4
Track 68: M/O – Perpetual Selling Strategies, Part 5
Track 69: M/O – Joint Ventures, Part 1
Track 70: M/O – Joint Ventures, Part 2
Track 71: M/O – Joint Ventures, Part 3
Track 72: M/O – Joint Ventures, Part 4
Track 73: M/O – Joint Ventures, Part 5
Track 74: M/O – Joint Ventures, Part 6
Track 75: M/O – Joint Ventures, Part 7
Track 76: Upselling Strategies, Part 1
Track 77: Upselling Strategies, Part 2
Track 78: M/O – Referral Systems, Part 1
Track 79: M/O – Referral Systems, Part 2
Track 80: M/O – Sixty Second Elevator Pitches, Part 1
Track 81: M/O – Sixty Second Elevator Pitches, Part 2
Track 82: Comprehensive Case Study – Part 1
Track 83: Comprehensive Case Study – Part 2
Track 84: Comprehensive Case Study – Part 3
Track 85: Comprehensive Case Study – Part 4
Track 86: Comprehensive Case Study – Part 5
Track 87: Comprehensive Case Study – Part 6
Track 88: Why This Program?
Track 89: Why You?

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